Shall we all learn to love GMOs? The link between COVID-19, GMO and increasing hunger and poverty

The month of July is just about gone but not COVID-19; this “chimera virus” with scientific evidence of  “gain of function “ laboratory manipulation, is taking its toll on the health and wellbeing of humans, at an unprecedented global scale.

  • This month’s article examines the link between COVID-19, GMO Foods and increasing Hunger and Poverty (SDG no. 1 and no. 2) and proposes alternative affordable and acceptable solutions which are small scale farmer friendly and informed by traditional wisdom and knowledge of sustainable farming and food production and consumption, practiced over millennia.
  • The blog article takes the form of a critical analysis of a funded GMO foods promoting article and pokes holes in that article titled “we shall all learn to love GMOs. The rejoinder article provides extensive evidence that GMO foods are not a sustainable food option and should be shunned.
  • The above article by Stacy Malkan of USRTK, posted on July 21, 2021 exposes the pitfalls and provides evidence on why GMOs are huge failure.
  • Jennifer Kahn’s ‘love GMOs’ NYT article is propaganda, not journalism...
  • Corporations are “effectively controlling what food ecosystems emerge once a country decides to rely on biotech-gene seeds.”
  • “Genetic engineering, through the use of a single gene, cannot address the complexity of drought.”African Centre for Biodiversity
  • For more information, see list of critiques of GMOs in the Global South,and the Gates Foundation’s interventionsin African food systems


What is the way forward? Eat GMOs or avoid them in favor of natural organic foods?

 The evidence provided in the anchor article and related links adequately answers the question of whether we should all learn to love GMO Foods or not. We should avoid them, at all costs, since they are similar to COVID-19 by virtue of the fact that they are modified genetic sequences that have been unnaturally tinkered with(refer to previous blog articles) using modern gene editing technology to make them patentable and controlled by of a few elites, as represented at the World Economic Forum(WEF) which has high jacked the UN Food Summit to achieve nefarious objectives which are not in tandem with achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

  • As part of the way forward, the author of this article, Dr. Mokaya, explains the pitfalls and flaws of GMOs, on the one hand and the benefits of regenerative agriculture which includes organic agriculture, on the other hand: Have a listen.